SyMAP technology  is available in 3 products with the same reactive & predictive maintenance features
SyMAP version 1 or On-premise SyMAP

It is the first product, an on-premise application installable on local servers of any enterprise. This could be suitable for industrial which have time constraints or security constraints for the maintenance of their systems.

SyMAP version 2 or Embedded SyMAP

It is the second product, an embedded application into critical systems which do not have enough computing ressources such that aircrafts or avionic systems, space vehicles or somes electronic devices. This product strictly respects development standards.

SyMAP version 3 or On-cloud SyMAP

It is the third product, an application hosted in the cloud and accessible in SAAS or PAAS mode. This product can be used by industrial which do not need to perform their system maintenance in real time since response times of requests via Internet can be sometimes high.