The goal of this post is to show how SyMAP technology can integrate Airbus aircraft avionic domain.

Figure 1 shows the existing A380 avionic domain architecture.  Figure 2 shows how SyMAP can easily bring real time predictive maintenance capabilities to OMS (Onboard  Maintenance  System)  without important modification of the avionic domain architecture. Existing OMS applications such that CMS (Central Maintenance System), ACMS (Aircraft  Condition  Monitoring  System)  already perform real time data acquisition from aircraft (A\C ) systems, and store all these data. SyMAP will process these data as  soon  as there are stored in the shared  database in order to carry out real time reactive and predictive diagnosis of aircraft systems  (see Figure 3)  and to propose in real time,  correction actions or preventive actions to crew members and maintenance staff.

Figure 1:  Airbus Aircraft Avionic Domain From Airbus Group

Figure 2: SyMAP inside Airbus Aircraft Avionic Domain
Figure 3: SyMAP functions inside Airbus Aircraft Avionic Domain
How SyMAP can integrate into Airbus aircraft avionic domain

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